My name is Aisha Lide and I’m excited that you’re interested in purchasing some stylish earrings from Ear Fetish. The idea of Ear Fetish began when I went to the store to buy fabric to make houndstooth earrings for myself. My mom saw the pair that I made and immediately asked, “Hey, can you make some for me? I want to wear bull earrings.” (The Golden Bull is our alma mater mascot and very near and dear to my mom.) After a few talks with my friends, and of course making my mom a pair, I started my quest to becoming the owner of a earring boutique.

Ear Fetish is the second company I’ve owned. Shoe Freak was my first business venture and owning it allowed me to hone my entrepreneurial skills. Both companies mean a lot to me and were developed during completely different phases of my life. Ear Fetish is getting me acquainted with my new phase of life that arose after I survived a stroke. Being the boss of Shoe Freak really got my energy going. I finally put all my degrees to use (graphic design and photography) and of course benefiting from my love for shoes. 

Both are based out of Charlotte, NC and provide unique pieces for fashionistas. I hope you find the right pair of earrings for you, and if not, contact me about a custom pair. Thank for visiting Ear Fetish.